A Quiet Place 2 (2021): a very good sequel

Well, we are in for a week of congratulations, because here we have another movie that is worth it, in this case A Quiet Place II that gives us a lesson in how to direct, edit and do wonders with the effects in a movie. Plus, Emily Blunt is brilliant.

It is very difficult to do this and Mr. John Krasinski has succeeded: he manages without dialogue to entertain us for an hour and a half and that we do not look up. Pure cinema and pure spectacle. It is not based on A Quiet Place Part II movie explosions or goes to the easy joke (well, sometimes they are appreciated, although not here), and the film marks a whole tour de force in the direction, rhythm, montage and balance section in the shots … come on, that this man is no longer told that “you don’t know how to direct”. He will not know how to do other things (or yes), but directing is very good for this boy who gives us a round film without dialogue.

Tension, an idea, good effects and a movie that was born to be a cinema and is given a tribute in the technical and narrative aspects and that we would not be surprised by anything that appears among the works of study in schools or film careers.