A Quiet Place 2 shows us everything we have been waiting for a year ago

After more than a year from the date that would be its premiere in theaters, A Quiet Placer Part II released its official trailer, with which it is now confirmed its arrival this same May 2021 on Memorial Day, and we It showed exactly what we expected.

The A Quiet Place Part II campaign got off to a strong start, but the outbreak of the pandemic and the regulations to prevent A Quiet Place Part II movie contagion around the world canceled all the plans that were had for its premiere, which was one of the most anticipated for any film of terror.

The trailer shows us a new look at this story, which in its first installment showed us a post apocalyptic world in which we could only see a family seeking survival. Now, in this second installment, the film will focus on the other survivors.

Although the trailer itself does not reveal clear information about the plot or the story that this new installment will follow, what we can see is that the world in which it will take place will take us further from the old Abott family home.

Also, now that they know how to fight monsters, the action scenes will also be much more present and it is likely that we will face a change with respect to the sound design of the film, which was revolutionary at the time by dispensing with the classic sound style of horror films.

On the other hand, the film will be released on May 31 commemorating Memorial Day in cinemas, but it will also arrive simultaneously on HBO Max, thinking of those countries and regions where theatrical releases, as well as economic activity, continue being limited by the pandemic.