Review A Quiet Place 2 (2021): A sequel to match

A Quiet Place 2 arrives in our cinemas once and for all more than a year after its original release date (it was one of the first films to be delayed by the pandemic) and it does so to deliver a sequel that has almost nothing to do with it. envy of its predecessor. This review contains SPOILERS.

A quiet place 2 begins giving everything, the A Quiet Place Part II movie has about 20 minutes that undoubtedly catch the viewer, settling on the day the alien invasion happened, the film presents us again to our protagonists before the catastrophe happened. The Abbots are one placid afternoon watching one of their sons play baseball when something huge falls from the sky, the game is called off, and they all run away. On the one hand, Lee and his daughter Regan, played by John Krasinski (The office, Jack Ryan) who also directs and scripts this film as well as the previous one and Millicent Simmonds, and on the other Evelyn, played by Emily Blunt (On the Edge of Tomorrow , The Devil Wears Prada), and his two sons Marcus and Beau.

After this hectic opening scene, the film relaxes and takes us to the end of the first film where there are only 3 survivors of the Abbot. Despite this change of pace, we are witnessing how the action is exchanged for tension, a tension that will dominate for the hour and a quarter that remains of the film and that is undoubtedly at the level of its predecessor. In this film, the enemies of the protagonists multiply, since the monsters with auditory hypersensitivity are joined by the humans who are still alive.

I think that the theme of the film is the generational change, we see how the two young protagonists are the ones who move the story forward and those who seek to renew their status quo while the adults in the film feel that they are getting older, that they have already lost too many people who simply want to focus on surviving in any way without worrying about whether it is good or not. In fact, the two adult protagonists are the only ones who at the beginning kill the monsters with weapons, but this changes towards the end of the film when the two teenagers murder monsters thus saving their elders, symbolizing a change of hands of the witness.

Despite being satisfied with the film, there is a negative aspect that undoubtedly weighs down A Quiet Place 2, and this is the overexposure that at times feels very forced, it seems that John Krasinski treats the audience as stupid, which I don’t remember what happened in the first part. There are plans that are repeated a lot of times so that it is clear to us that later that towel that prevents the hatch from closing or that clock that they use to avoid running out of oxygen will be important, and although it is not a great failure, it does feels like something totally unnecessary.

The performances are quite good, especially that of Emily Blunt, and the effects do not clash at any time, we finally see the monsters and their physiognomy. Overall, A Quiet Place 2 is a very short, entertaining movie that I highly doubt anyone will regret watching. Some will say that it is not up to par with its predecessor, others will say that it is superior, but without a doubt the tape holds the tension very well and does not get boring at any time.